"Place of Peace and Wilderness"

We meet every Monday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the shrine room at 3540 South 2208 East on Keller Lane. If Monday is on a holiday, we still meet. We practice Tonglen, Heart Sutra and Calm Abiding on alternating weeks.

Follow the prayer flags to the right of the garage, there is a dedicated space that is our shrine room in the back of the house in a separate building.We do two rounds of meditation. The Sangha also offers regular day long silent retreats.  A current schedule of these or other practices and special events is posted in the shrine room.

Our root teacher is Khentrul Lodrö Thayé Rinpoche. We are under his guidance and blessing and practice under the Katog Choling lineage, in the Nyingma tradition. Rinpoche comes to Salt Lake City and the surrounding area to offer teachings at least twice yearly.

Rinpoche can be reached through www.katogcholing.com with questions.

Mary Eileen and Sue Evans are the local coordinators. They can be reached at 801-597-4930, or sue7evans@gmail.com. or janalingandme@gmail.com.

Polly Isaacson Spence donates and tends to the shrine room and store. She can be reached at polly.isaacson@hcprx.com.

The entire Sangha participates in facilitating Rinpoche’s teaching visits in Salt Lake City. We also meet whenever Rinpoche can offer a live streaming video through the Internet. Check his schedule at the Katog Choling website. It is our heart-felt intention to practice principles of loving-kindness, right speech, right action and compassion with each other and our community at large.

We humbly aspire to support each other in recognizing our true nature.